1. use
  2. need
  3. call
  4. lack
  5. Noun requirement
  6. demand
  7. Noun poverty
  8. Noun necessity
  9. deprivation
  10. push
  11. pinch
  12. imperative
  13. privation
  14. wantage
  15. want
  16. turn
  17. exigency exigence
  18. something needed
  19. needfulness
urgent need
urgent necessity
prime necessity
urgent want
pressing need
pressing necessity
a month's supply
entire need
deferred demand
daily ration
vital necessity
urgent need
flagrant necessity
cash requirement
private want
psychological need Noun, Psychology
dire necessity
necessity Noun
basic need Noun, Psychoanalysis
overall economic demand
imperious necessity
necessity Noun
certificate of necessity
necessity is the mother of invention
hardship grant Noun, Education-Training
change of requirement
current needs Noun
financial situation Noun
financial standing Noun
requirements Noun
needs Noun
to require Verb
to want Verb
to look to Verb
to lack Verb
to need Verb
to come through with something Verb
required goods Noun
in case of need
as may be required
to intervene in case of need Verb
to be in want Verb
consumption voucher
personal loan Noun, Banking
consumer loan
demand schedules
demand schedule
list of requirements
desiderata list
perishable commodities Noun
goods of the first order Noun
hard goods Noun
(US) hard goods Noun
bathroom break Noun
necessitous selling
in times of need
emergency repairs Noun
minimum supply Noun
utility goods Noun
to look to someone to do something Verb
to cut off sb's supplies Verb
to look to someone Verb
to need something for something Verb
to lack something Verb
to not lack for something Verb
to require greater liquidity Verb
training needs analysis Noun, Human Resources
household commodities Noun
initial concurrent spare parts Noun
current goods Noun
to need protection against the weather Verb
to lack for nothing Verb
sophisticated industry Noun
stores requisition
case of absolute necessity Noun
conventional necessities Noun
not much required
for domestic use
to be in a good state of repair Verb
essential goods Noun
basic commodities Noun
nonessential goods Noun
trade supplies Noun
to be short of hands Verb
to create a new want Verb
necessary article Noun

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

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