1. cheapness , inexpensiveness , sale , selling goods at reduced prices .
  1. point
  2. end
  3. limit
  4. lip
  5. peak
  6. terminal
  7. termination
  8. Noun extremity
  9. snag
  10. cusp
  11. tip
  12. apex (advance purchase excursion)
connection end
connecting terminal
tip Information Technology
mammilla Noun, Anatomy
nipple Noun, Anatomy
pen point Noun
pencil tip Noun
nib Noun
pen tip Noun
tip of the pen Noun
tip of the pencil Noun
pencil point Noun
pile tip Noun, Construction
drill bit Noun
drilling bit Noun
teat Noun, Anatomy
nipple Noun, Anatomy
spearhead Noun
arrow head Information Technology
finger tip
coloured cartridge
nerve ending
at the bottom of the road
low end Information Technology
cutter head
front end Information Technology
positive electrode
tag end
high end Information Technology
tip resistance, toe resistance Noun, Construction
base enlargement Noun, Construction
tip cutting angle Noun, Construction
extremity Noun
extremity Noun
extreme case
head land Noun
extreme limitation
to splice Verb
fringe of a party
utmost limit
cold-end corrosion Noun
to guilty on 3 counts Verb
three- coat work
three vacancies in apartment house
in the ration of one to three
d- fourth majority
to gain three minutes a day Verb
long dozen
final-quarter figures Noun
to strike out Verb, Baseball
triple a
three stage rocket
to be in three months in arrear Verb
after a lapse of three months
valid for three months
three month s'draft
to be paid by the quarter Verb
quarterly publication
to appear quarterly Verb
quarterly Adjective
quarterly bulletin
quarterly magazine
period of a month
quarterly account
quarterly statement
quarter earnings
at three months'credit
quarterly salary
quarter's payment
quarterly disbursement
quarterly settlement
quarterly payments Noun
three months'money
quarterly report
fourth bill of exchange
quarterly period
calendar quarter
quarter- yearly instal (l) ment
quarter's instalment
quarterly trade account Noun
at a prompt of three months
three-months deposit
to pick up for a pittance Verb
modest fortune
to be composed of three parts Verb
three-dimensional film
diorama Noun
movie in the round
d- volume work
three-volume novel
three times
three doors away
triple nose fish Noun, Zoology
adjournment of three days
to put in for three days holiday Verb
three weeks holiday
number with three digits
between three and five people
to defraud Verb
to triplicate Verb
(building) three-storeyed
three storey house
three story house
(in weight
triple room
to do the work of three men (three men's) Verb
to treble Verb
ellipsis Information Technology
three-point seatbelt Noun, Transport
three Noun, Sports
to make in three styles Verb
to have three pieces of luggage Verb
three piece
to be off three points Verb
(stock-exchange) to gain three points Verb
three digit inflation rate
to occupy three hours Verb
d- hour lecture
three hours journey
three bank machine
calendar quarter
tripartite agreement
triangular deal
triangular trade treaty
three- cornered trade discussion
on application of three members
trifoliate Adjective, Botany
three-way adjustable Noun, Transport

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Sebep
  2. Bir nesnenin ... bitim noktası

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