1. answer
  2. Noun argument
  3. maintenance
  4. shield
  5. apology
  6. Noun assertion
  7. advocacy
  8. defending
  9. the arguments
  10. legal arguments
  11. apologetic
  12. case for the defendant
  13. muniment
  14. defence defense
  15. (Br) defence
  16. (US) defense by force of arms
zone defense Noun, Military
Public administration and defence; compulsory social security (NACE code: O84) Noun, Trades-Professions
Public administration and defence; compulsory social security (NACE code: O) Noun, Trades-Professions
Defence activities (NACE code: O84.2.2) Noun, Trades-Professions
defense line Noun, Military
thesis defense Noun, Education-Training
sham defence defense
sham defence
military defense
territoriality Noun, Zoology
defence in depth
defence defense in depth
defence defense against enemies
dilatory defence
original defence
original defence defense
pretermitted defence
antimissile defence defense
assertion Noun
good defence
deliberate defense
forward defence
forward defence defense
good defence defense
web defence
legal arguments
legal defence defense
legal defence
coast defence
coastal defence
collective defence
national defence defense
national defence
nuclear defence
self-defense Noun, Law
incidental plea of defence (defense ,)
coastal defence defense
personal defense
personal defence
civil defence
civil defence defense
final address
hearing Noun, Competition Law
oral defense Noun, Education-Training
offensive defense
closed defense
flank defence
defensive site
by way of defence defense
defence defense purposes Noun
defensive pact
defence defense treaty
defence defense
means of defence Noun
means of defense Noun
defence counsel
counsel for the defense Law
(Br) for the defendant
defending counsel
defence defense counsel
counsel for the defence Law
(US) attorney for the defense
counsel for the defendant
defense counsel Noun, Law
to designate a counsel for the defence defense Verb
to instruct a counsel for the defense Verb
term of a defense counsel
assistance of counsel
(US) Secretary of Defence
(Br) Minister of Defence
minister of defence
defence secretary
defence minister Noun, Politics-Intl. Relations
ministry of defense
defence information Noun
defence defense information Noun
defence defense area
defensive zone
defensive area
defence area
defence budget
to stand on the defensive Verb
to remain in the defense Verb
to tender a plea Verb
state of defence
state of defense
defence defense economy
defence economy
defence defense order
defence order
defence activities Noun
defence defense activities Noun
defence defense factory Noun
defence classification
defence defense classification
negative strike
defensive strike
right of defense Noun, Law
to reserve one's defence defense Verb
military spending Noun
defence spending
defence defense spending
defence defense line
defence line
to appear to defend Verb
defence defense subsistence supply centre
defence subsistence supply centre
defence defense
defence counsel
defence defense counsel
counsel's speech
(Br) counsel's speech
defence committee
centrifugal force
defence defense agency
cost of the defence defense Noun
cost of the defence Noun
defence expenditure Noun
defence defense expenditure Noun
defensive minefield
defence mechanism
defense mechanism Adjective, Psychology
defensive position
defensive post
zone of defence Noun
defence communication system
defensive measures Noun
defender Noun, Football
defence defense pact
defence pact
defensive pact
defence defense plan
defence plan
defence policy Noun
defence industry
defence industry Noun, Trades-Professions
defense industry Noun, Trades-Professions
military industry Noun, Trades-Professions
defensive war
defensive warfare
defensive weapon
weapon of defence
weapon of defense
security border
defence matter
defence defense matter
counsel's speech Noun
defence (br .), defense loan Noun
defence defense witness
defence witness
witness for the defense
defense witness Noun, Law
means of defense Noun
defence defense acquisition radar
defence acquisition radar
to defend Verb, Sports
defence defense
European Defence Community
leader for the defence
(Br) Minister of State for Defence
best defended box
to have able counsel Verb
Minister of national defence
national defense tax
mutual defence agreement
offensive and defensive alliance
(Br) frontier service
line the last resistance
to misplead Verb

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