1. uncertain
  2. confused
  3. gray
  4. Adjective ambiguous
  5. tentative
  6. Adjective precarious
  7. twilight
  8. shadowy
  9. faint
  10. opaque
  11. misty
  12. dim
  13. unspecified
  14. indefinite
  15. Adjective tenuous
  16. hazy
  17. foggy
  18. indeterminate
  19. unsettled
  20. incalculable
  21. equivocal
  22. undefined
  23. Adjective nebulous
  24. dreamy
  25. dicey
  26. characterless
  27. undetermined
  28. recondite
  29. in the background
  30. washy
  31. crepuscular
  32. woozy
  33. vague information
  34. doubtful
  35. vague
  36. inappreciable
  37. aoristic
  38. nebulated
ambiguous Adjective
subtly Adverb
faintly Adverb
slightly Adverb
dimly Adverb
vaguely Adverb
marginally Adverb
nebulous Adjective
remotely Adverb
dubious Adjective
of doubtful value
latent ambiguity
no definite frontier
chancy Adjective
of unknown parentage
uncertain debts Noun
contingent receivables Noun
at irregular intervals
dimly Adverb
indefinitely Adverb
of an undetermined cause
vaguely Adverb
indefinitely Adverb
ambiguously Adverb
for an unlimited period
indefinitely Adverb
to perendinate Verb
toss up
borderline case
foggy idea
ambiguous expression
to open irregularly Verb
contingent condition
intangible arguments Noun
floating mortgage
loose words Noun
loose wordings Noun
till the cows come home
indefinite period Noun
open-ended employment contract Noun, Employment
vague demand
to be dimly aware Verb
remote conception
dim recollections of childhood Noun
anonymously Adverb
neither fish, flesh nor good red herring
illegitimate child
(US) to lay a motion on the table Verb
to lay motion on the table Verb
leaps in the dark Noun
ambiguous conflict
indefinite payment
contingent annuity
performance bond
perpetual bonds
dim outlines of buildings

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

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