1. cost
start-up cost Noun, Competition Law
cost per mille (CPM) Noun, Advertising
cost per action (CPA) Noun, Advertising
per copy costs
cost of a structure
unit costs
single cost
cost per unit
borrowing cost Noun, Economics
cost of an action
book value
book cost
stocking cost
acquisition cost
direct material cost
direct material costs
composition cost
cost of education
cost of acquisition Noun, Accounting
acquisition cost
retention cost Noun, Accounting
cost of retention Noun, Accounting
labour cost
merchandise cost
peak cost of borrowing
indirect material cost
indirect material costs
inflation costs
inflation cost
breakage costs Noun, Banking
operating cost
starting load cost
starting-load cost
factory cost
interest cost
factor cost
invoice cost
cost of financing
opportunity costs
alternative cost
opportunity cost Noun, Competition Law
cost of funding Noun, Banking
switching cost Noun, Competition Law
income cost
entry cost Noun, Competition Law
cost of raw materials
original cost
actual cost
cost of the insert
historical cost Noun, Accounting
organization costs
manufacturing cost
cost of production
erection cost
labour cost
labor cost Noun
transaction cost Noun, Competition Law
operating cost
labor employment cost Noun
recovery cost
cost of paper
costs of paper
commission cost
credit cost
initial cost
setting cost
organization costs
merchandise procurement cost
material costs
cost of material
marginal unit cost
media cost
book cost
book value
accounting cost
cost per lead (CPL) Noun, Advertising
average unit cost
cost of money
piece cost
reorganization costs
cost of goods sold Noun, Accounting
cost of sales Accounting
cost of goods available for sale Noun, Accounting
cost of sales
cost of war
cost of capital
capital cost
capital equipment cost
weighted average cost of capital Noun
opportunity cost of capital Noun
order cost
standard unit cost
standard labor cost Noun
inventory cost
cost of collection
flotation cost Noun, Banking
ability cost
cost of equipment
wholesale cost
manufacturing cost
prime cost
manufacturer's cost
actual cost
cost of production
production cost
factory cost
cost of production
product cost
cost of reproduction
renewal costs
replacement costs
replacement cost Noun, Accounting
administration costs
prime cost
above the line cost
decreasing costs
primary cost
economic cost
indirect cost
real costs
disguised cost
bunched costs
scheduled cost
comparative cost
partial cost
differential costing
marginal costs
net cost
final costs
aboriginal cost
constant costs
standby costs
specification cost
estimated cost
cost of acquisition
stranded cost
cost flow
cost analyst
cost card
cost consciousness
unit of cost
cost unit
cost finding
cost schedule
cost distribution
cost apportionment
cost behaviour
value at cost
cost changes Noun
cost bracket Noun
cost brackets Noun
cost breakdown
cost line
cost-push inflation
cost inflation
cost principle
cost impact
cost studies Noun
cost studies Noun
cost difference
industrial producer price
cost price
cost accounts Noun
cost ladder
cost accountant
cost averaging
cost sharing
cost report
cost sheet Noun
cost accruing
estimate of costs
cost prediction
cost element
cost data Noun
cost structure
cost center Noun, Accounting
cost management Noun, Management

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

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