1. efficient
  2. profitable
  3. productive
  4. Adverb efficiently
  5. sweet
  6. fertile
  7. lucrative
  8. fruitful
  9. prolific
  10. operative
  11. exuberant
  12. Adjective copious
  13. rich
  14. Adjective voluminous
  15. yielding
  16. Adjective luxuriant
  17. teeming
  18. profuse
  19. fecund
  20. germinal
  21. lush
  22. fat
  23. procreant
  24. fructiferous
rank land
efficiently Adverb
abundantly Adverb
efficiently Adverb
ac economically
productive assets Noun
economic (al) operation
productive use
productive mine
efficient machinery
fruitful career
efficiently Adverb
to teem Verb
productive planning
engaged capital
rich soil
fertile land
fruitful soil
fertile soil
productive soil
to fall on fertile ground Verb
productive consumption
yielding year
productive period of an author
to use something to better advantage Verb
to use something to maximum advantage Verb
to use something to best advantage Verb
to use something to full advantage Verb
to use something to good advantage Verb
to streamline Verb
to drive on contractor performance Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

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