1. Sıfat definite
  2. Zarf definitely
  3. Sıfat definitive
  4. Zarf for sure
  5. Sıfat absolute
  6. Zarf for certain
  7. Sıfat certain
  8. Zarf surely
  9. Sıfat clear
  10. Zarf certainly
  11. Sıfat firm
  12. Zarf absolutely
  13. Sıfat positive
  14. Zarf positively
  15. Sıfat conclusive
  16. Sıfat final
  17. Sıfat precise
  18. Sıfat exact
  19. Sıfat indisputable
  20. Sıfat unequivocal
  21. Sıfat unambiguous
  22. Sıfat irrefutable
  23. Sıfat unquestionable
  24. Sıfat incontrovertible
  25. Sıfat unconditional
  26. Sıfat unqualified
null and void Sıfat, Medeni Hukuk
nullity İsim, Medeni Hukuk
as sure as eggs is eggs
certain to come
a certain success
reasonably definite
certain to sell
outright purchase İsim, Bankacılık
firm purchase
clear indication
final declaration
definite statement
final balance sheet
positive information
positive knowledge
crisp answer
final answer
plenary acuse
plenary action
peremptory exception
open to question
positive proof
clear proof
sure proof
final proof
positive evidence
conclusive evidence
absolute proof
full evidence
conclusive proof
declared enemy
positive order
peremptory order
distinct order
imperative order
decisive influence
telling effect
decisive factor
decided opinion
nearest price
certainty İsim
positive fact
implicit confidence
irrevocable trust
final disposition
(telephone) broken line
final accounts
definite judgment
iron clad clause
final judgement
definite sentence
considered judgment
considered judgement
definitive sentence
final sentence
definitive judgement İsim, Hukuk
final discharge
conventional remission
definite statement
positive assertion
precise statement
categorical denial
unqualified denial
final acceptance İsim, Kamu Yönetimi
considered opinion
strong feelings
full proof
close argument
incontestable proof
absolute proof
clinching argument
conclusive proof
proof positive
conclusive evidence
absolute decree
flat decision
final determination
stern resolve
final decision İsim
firm resolution
ultimate decision
decision without recall
final decree
firm determination İsim
firm resolve İsim
irrebuttable presumption
conclusive presumption
consclusive presumption
dead loss
certain percentage
hard and fast rule İsim
final respite
adjusted historical cost
post-closing trial balance
positive miracle
final accord
firm bid
blank impossibility İsim
accurately Zarf
finally Zarf
strictly Zarf
precisely Zarf
positively Zarf
certainly Zarf
irrevocably Zarf
adamantly Zarf
emphatically Zarf
exactly Zarf
squarely Zarf
conclusively Zarf
imperiously Zarf
subject offer
chancy Sıfat
provisional reply
subject bid
final vote
direct payment
thorough measures İsim
decisive measures İsim
complete patent
categorical refusal
decided refusal
distinct refusal
point- blank refusal
flat denial
express rejection
outright refusal
definite sale
outright sale İsim, Bankacılık
firm limitation
absolute definition
firm order
definite order
to dogmatize Fiil
peremptory term
express condition
strict order
positive order
strict instruction
exact directions
definite term
definite appointment
decisive measures İsim
firm bid
positive offer
definitive offer
offered firm
firm attitude
strict application
unqualified denial
outright denial
definitive answer
definite answer
final answer
strictly prohibited
peremptory necessity

Türkçe Sözlük (Kubbealtı Lugatı)

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