1. pump
  2. Verb, Information Technology to transfer
  3. Verb to carry over
  4. Verb to pass on
  5. Verb, Music to transpose
  6. Verb to transfer (sth) from (one place) to (another
  7. Verb to translate
  8. Verb to retile (a roof
  9. Verb to empty
  10. Verb to communicate
  11. Verb to appropriate
  12. Verb to forward
  13. Verb to quote
to trans s hip to another vessel Verb
to tranship to another vessel Verb
to convey information Verb
to pass on an order Verb
to move an account into a savings account Verb
to move an amount into a savings account Verb
to put a play on the screen Verb
to quote sth Verb
to transmit onward Verb
to convey an author's meaning Verb
to carry forward a loss for one year Verb
to export (verb) Verb, Information Technology
to decant Verb
to convey one's sincere wishes Verb
to hand on news Verb
to quote verbatim Verb
to quote literally Verb
to import (verb) Verb, Information Technology
to shift the burden of proof Verb
to apportion party of the pimss to a particular tax year Verb
to hive off profitable activities to the private sector Verb
to retile (a roof Verb
to hand on Verb
to put across the message Verb
to transfer to reserve Verb
to delegate Verb, Information Technology
to take passengers from one class to another Verb
to carry forward a loss for one year Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Bir yerden bir yere, bir kaptan ... geçirmek, dökmek, taşımak, nakletmek