1. Noun, Physiology öd, safra.
  2. Noun öfke, huysuzluk, terslik, dargınlık.
    stir someone's bile: birinin damarına basmak, bir kimseyi kızdırmak/öfkelendirmek.
kara öd: eskiden kasvet, hüzün vb. doğurduğuna inanılan fizyolojik salgı. Noun
safra, eski fizyolojiye göre insanda öfke doğurduğuna inanılan salgı, öfke, hiddet. Noun
safra taşı
  1. yet
  2. even
  3. also
  4. already
  5. yes
  6. very
no less a … than … Adverb
even you
to have enough and to spare
enough and to spare
on purpose
intentionally Adverb
purposely Adverb
consciously Adverb
in cold blood
deliberately Adverb
designedly Adverb
to take one's life in one's hands Verb
to take one's life in one's hands Verb
to speak from one's own knowledge Verb
to speak by the card Verb
conscious liar
to knowingly make a false statement Verb
to make knowingly wrong statements Verb
bloody minded
willingly Adverb
to be insignificant Verb
nothing is further from my mind
to not to believe a word of a story Verb
to have something at one's fingers'ends
to draw a red herring across the trail Verb
to walk away without a scratch Verb
to he came out of it without a scratch Verb
not to be hurt
to walk away without a scratch Verb
active (fraudulent) concealment
no evidence on which you could hang a cat
not one shred of evidence
not a grain of hope
to not bat an eye Verb
not in the least
nothing of the kind
not a bit
I don't believe a word of it
to give the devil his due Verb
to buy a car with all faults Verb
to hope against hope Verb
to say nothing of it Verb
not to move hand or foot
to not do a hand's turn Verb
to not move hand or foot Verb
not to lift a hand
That goes without saying, but ...
to grasp at a straw Verb
to catch at a straw Verb
not to have a halfpenny on oneself
it doesn't have even the slightest connection with it
it doesn't bear even the faintest resemblance to it

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Çekimli fiilden ... de, üstelik