1. Noun, Language-Literature anticlimax
  2. Noun reduction
  3. incident
  4. crash
  5. spill
  6. descent
  7. decrease
  8. ruin
  9. shortfall
  10. downfall
  11. falling
  12. tumble
  13. Noun precipitation
  14. ebb
  15. crashing
  16. sinking
  17. slippage
  18. comedown
  19. fall
  20. Noun, Economics downtrend
  21. downswing
  22. downturn
  23. loss
  24. downfall depression
  25. drop
... percent decrease over the same period in ... Noun, Economics
sudden fall
sharp fall
sudden decline
fall in the bank rate
stock-market decline
in stock-market decline
brisk decline
drop in turnover
decrease in turnover
drop in value
fall in birth rate
fall in the birth rate
fall in the economy
fall in prices
decline in prices
reduction in prices
failure in revenue
drop in takings
shortfall in receipts
decline in revenue
out of favour
spending shortfall
falling of in receipt
drop in prices of stock
shrinkage in the price of stocks
fall in exports
export fall
shortfall in exports
plunge in sterling
business decline
decrease in temperature
business decline
profit dip
dip in profits
recession in profits
profit dip
fall in profits
profit decline
suspension of earnings
decline in earnings
falling off in receipts
fall of rents
dip in business
decline of the rates of exchange
decline at the rates of exchange
fall in population
decline in mortality
decline in mortality rate
marked decline
decline in prosperity
sales decline
fall in sales
falling in sales
sales decline
decline in sales
decline in orders
fall-off in demand
fall in demand
drop in demand
drop in consumption
fall in wages
shortfall in production
decline in production
fall in production
ebbing production
shortfall in tax revenue
fall in fertility
drop in voltage
fall in investment
decline in investments
crash helmet
bearishness Noun, Banking
to show a decrease Verb
downtrend Noun, Economics
to be marked by a decline of prices Verb
to be on a downswing Verb
to fall in value Verb
the dollar plumetted and the yen skyrocketed
to decline slightly Verb
Provision for Decrease in Value of Marketable Securities (-) Noun, Accounting

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Düşme, sukut