1. Noun, Law libel
  2. Noun, Criminal Law defamation
  3. abuse
  4. insult
  5. sneer
  6. taunt
  7. Noun indignity
  8. affront
  9. slur
  10. vilification
  11. aspersion
  12. animo defamandi
  13. scoff
  14. bricbat
  15. criminal libel
  16. defamation of character
  17. contumely
  18. injurious language
  19. verbal injury
  20. outrage
  21. sardonicism
  22. invectiveness
an outrage on justice
outrage upon justice
simple defamation
gross insult
outrageous insult
a libel upon a person
outrageous insult
unwarranted insult
defamatory per se
calculated insult
studied insult
deliberate insult
uncalled for insult
oral defamation
slander Noun
defamacast Noun, Law
libel Noun
defamatory action Noun
action for slander Noun
defamation process Noun
libel suit Noun, Law
action for libel Noun
law of libel Noun
defamation case Noun
libel action Noun
defamatory words Noun
defamatory language
defamatory words Noun
to abuse Verb
to insult Verb
to affront Verb
to libel Verb
to demean Verb
to lace into Verb
to become abusive Verb
to be insulted Verb
to withdraw an offending expression Verb
libellous letter
animus defamandi
defamatory letter
personalities Noun
to take offence Verb
to take something as an insult Verb
torrent of abuse
libellous statement
(law) defamation and damage
flood of abuse
blasphemous Adjective
to write someone a stinker Verb
to serve someone with a writ for libel Verb
to sue someone for libel Verb
to offer someone indignities Verb
to pelt someone with abuses Verb
to bombard someone with invectives Verb
to heap obloquy upon sb Verb
to assail someone with insult Verb
to pepper someone with abuse Verb
words actionable in themselves Noun
words actionable in themselves Noun
to trade insults Verb
to scandalize the court Verb
to purge one's contempt of court Verb, Law

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