1. the English language
knowledge of english Noun
know english
(Br) master in English
to speak English and French with equal ease Verb
to speak broken English Verb
English is spoken here
passable knowledge of english
to turn a passage into english Verb
to translate a passage into english Verb
modern english
to pick up a knowledge of english Verb
Queen's (King's) English
english Noun, Language-Literature
to brush up one's english Verb
to translate an english book into turkish Verb
english version
English translation Noun, Language-Literature
English expression for … Noun, Language-Literature
English word for … Noun, Language-Literature
english speaking nations Noun
english usage
english speaking countries Noun
English course Noun
master in english
English dictionary Noun, Language-Literature
to have a good grounding in english Verb
to have a command of english Verb
to render english into french Verb
to have a working knowledge of english Verb
to speak english and french with equal ease Verb
to form a class for beginners in english Verb
Middle English
to receive thorough instruction in english Verb
commercial english

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

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