1. waste
  2. extravagance
  3. squander
  4. wasting
  5. wastefulness
  6. improvidence
  7. prodigality
  8. sumptuousness
  9. unthrift
  10. loss
  11. wasteful expenditure
voluntary waste
wasted money
to run through Verb
to waste Verb
to lavish Verb
to consume Verb
to dissipate Verb
to spend Verb
to misspend Verb
to squander Verb
sparingly Adverb
to husband Verb
to spoil materials Verb
to trifle away ones money Verb
to trifle away one's money Verb
to chuck one's money around Verb
dissipation of one's fortune
to dissipate one's fortune Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Gereksiz yere ... harcama, savurganlık