1. ill
  2. rough
  3. Adjective nervous
  4. unhappy
  5. peculiar
  6. uncomfortable
  7. uneasy
  8. poorly
  9. restless
  10. punk
  11. seedy
  12. bad
  13. fitful
  14. ail
  15. disquiet
  16. indisposed
  17. molestation
  18. queer
  19. unquiet
  20. distempered
  21. sick
  22. mean
  23. incommodious
  24. out of sorts
  25. unwell
  26. under the wheater
  27. ailing
  28. a bit unwell
  29. under the weather
  30. ill-affected
  31. peaceless
  32. uptight, up-tight
heart complaint
heart complaint
obtrusive Adjective
disquieting Adjective
graphic images Noun
harassment Noun
to niggle Verb
to perturb Verb
to plague Verb
to inconvenience Verb
to trouble Verb
to discommode Verb
to disturb Verb
to annoy Verb
to discomfit Verb
to harass Verb
to bother Verb
to impose Verb
to chafe Verb
to disquit Verb
to derange Verb
Am I interrupting?
to feel ill at ease Verb
to ail Verb
to feel slightly ill Verb
to feel indisposed Verb
to be under the weather Verb
to trouble someone with something Verb
to trouble someone with a letter Verb
to embarrass someone with parcels Verb
to derange sb Verb
to not agree with someone Verb, Food-Kitchen
to leave someone alone Verb
to let someone be Verb
to let someone alone Verb
to leave someone be Verb
to take something amiss Verb
to suffer from the effects of the hot weather Verb
obnoxious Adjective
to have suffered taxes Verb
to have suffered tax Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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