Sabah gazetesi Proper Name, Media-Publishing
Sabah gazetesi Proper Name, Media-Publishing
  1. morning
  2. forenoon
  3. matutinal
  4. in the morning
the next morning
the morning before
the morning after
tomorrow morning
dawn raid
morning edition
early morning edition
she is averse getting up early
Sabah daily Proper Name, Media-Publishing
Sabah daily newspaper Proper Name, Media-Publishing
morning performance
petit déjeuner
to lay the table for breakfast Verb
morning performance
morning watch
morning's coming
morning session
(Br) morning post Noun
early mail Noun
morning post Noun
general post Noun
to dispose of the morning mail Verb
rush-hour traffic Noun, Transport
morning train
morning shift Noun
morning star Noun, Astronomy
morning roll call Noun, Military
norning call
morning call
morning watch
the bank opens at nine a
to be rather poorly this morning Verb
two hours of training every morning
queen anne is dead
bed and breakfast

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Günün başlangıcı, ... ilk saatleri