1. paper
  2. act
  3. note
  4. bill
  5. parish
  6. obligation
  7. script
  8. draft
  9. deed
  10. Noun document
  11. bond
  12. voucher
  13. Noun acknowledgement
  14. debenture
  15. Noun acknowledgment
  16. indenture
  17. muniment
  18. deposit slip
  19. real estate
  20. foreign items
  21. judicial entitlement
  22. legal instrument
  23. allotment nfr
  24. transit items
  25. transit letter
  26. wire- fate item
  27. Noun, Law instrument
  28. bill of exchange
  29. promissory note
  30. title deed
junior share
common share
ordinary bill of exchange
ordinary preferred share
document of title to land
stock share
primary share
general stock
advance bill
average bond
bank accomodation
bank stock
(Br) bank bill
banker's draft
banker's bill
scrip bonus
non-paid-up share Noun, Banking
capitalization issue
municipal warrant
deed of amalgamation
cumulative share
first-rate stock
Brussels Act Noun
convertible debentures
(Br) railways shares
instrument of transfer
deed of assignation
trust instrument
mercantile paper
warehouse receipt
accommodation note
certificated share Banking
full covenant deed
muniment of title
interim share
annuity coupon
annuity bond
annuity certificate
revenue-indexed bond Noun, Banking
general mortgage bond
bearer share Noun, Management
bearer share certificate
shipping note
active stock
airway bill
unrestricted stocks
gift by deed
stock allotment warrant
certificate of residence
premium stock
reassignment deed
preferred ordinary share
privileged stock
common stock certificate
deferred stock
bonus certificate
instrument of charge
mortgage debenture
charge certificate
open- end bonds
marked share
discount bill
bill of discount
registered stock
registered certificate
bearer loan
redeemable shares
redeemable preferred stocks
bill of acceptance
participating pereference share
indemnity bond
fidelity bond
bond of indemnity
(Br) own share
definitive share
market investment
partly paid (up) share
partly paid share
founders share
original-issue stock
original issue stock
deed of property
accomodation bill
bill of consignment
registered stock
notarial deed
prior-lien debenture
(US) preferred capital stock
priority share
(Br) priority share
(US) priority preferred stock
(US) prior preferrence stock
staff shares
debenture bond
preferred stock
individual bond
conditional bond
deed of sale
classified common stock
absolute bond
company note
memorandum and articles of association
(US) speculative stock
arbitration bond
sterling securities
bill of loading
(Br) country note
consent stocks
participating preferred stock
security bond Noun, Law
unsecured debenture
naked debenture
deed of conveyance
cumulative preferred stock
preference stock
(US) preferred stock
memorandum of association
bill of delivery
deposited stock
merchantile paper
consumer acceptance
bill of lading drawn in three copies
dividend share
no par value share (stock ,)
bill drawn after date
trust indenture
settlement deed
alms deeds
fresh share

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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