1. Noun harassment
  2. annoyance
  3. importunity
sexual harassment Noun, Law
indecent assault Noun, Law
mobbing Noun, Management
verbal harassment Noun, Law
harassing fire Noun, Military
harassing fire Noun, Military
to abate a nuisance Verb
harassment Noun
to dog Verb
to abuse Verb
to harry Verb
to disturb Verb
to molest Verb
to pester Verb
to haze Verb
to bother Verb
to harass Verb
to haunt Verb
to beleaguer Verb
to incommode Verb
to ply Verb
to ail Verb
to annoy Verb
cause of annoyance
harassment and rape Noun, Law
disturbance of a tenant
to pester someone for money Verb
to possess someone with an idea Verb
to pester sb Verb
to be a nuisance to sb Verb
to feel someone up Verb
to subject someone to an abuse Verb
to keep at sb Verb
disturbance of public or religious worship
private nuisance
permanent nuisance
continuing nuisance

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Rahatsız etme, tedirgin etme