1. Noun, Law reparation
  2. Noun compensation
  3. recoup
  4. Noun restitution
  5. Noun atonement
  6. Noun remediation
  7. recoupment
  8. making up for (a loss) making good (a loss
market compensation
compensatory budget
compensatory financial facility
countervailing duty
compensatory concession
compensatory spending Noun
compensatory learning (Kaynak: CEDEFOP) Noun, Education-Training
compensatory measures Noun
pent up demand
compensatory measure
countervailing duty
compensable injury
irreparable damages
irreparable loss
irreparable injury Noun, Law
irredeemable loss
restitution Noun
compensation Noun
remediation Noun
method of compensation
to redeem Verb
to make it up Verb
to recoup Verb
to make up Verb
to make compensation Verb
to compensate for Verb
to counterbalance Verb
to offset Verb
to repair Verb
to cover Verb
to atone Verb
to restitute Verb
to compensate Verb
compensation fund
restitutory right
compensatory time off
compensatory Adjective
makegood Noun, Advertising
to make amends for ... Verb
to repair a damage Verb
to settle a loss Verb
to pick up on sth Verb
to make up sleep Verb
to set off a gain against a loss Verb
to supply a loss Verb
to retrieve a loss Verb
to remedy a mischief Verb
to make up for a deficiency Verb
to recuperate a loss Verb
to recoup a loss Verb
compensating error
to put someone straight Verb
to put someone right Verb
to stand in for someone Verb
to cover for someone Verb
to reimburse oneself upon sb Verb
to put something right Verb
to make something good Verb
to make amends for something Verb
to repair the damage Verb
to redeem yourself Verb
to make up one's losses Verb
to cover a loss Verb
to settle a loss Verb
to make up for lost time Verb
to make up time Verb
to make up for one's losses Verb
to redress grievances Verb
to offset earlier losses Verb
to get over one's financial losses Verb
civil responsibility
wage compensation rate
to offset one's small salary Verb
to soak up tax losses Verb
to recoup oneself Verb
to recover one's losses Verb
to restore Verb
to recover a loss Verb
to recuperate Verb
countervailing charges in respect of imports Noun
countervailing import duties Noun
countervailing measures Noun
compensatory indemnity
compensatory amount
compensatory levy

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