1. Zarf purposely
  2. Zarf deliberately
  3. Zarf consciously
  4. Zarf expressly
  5. Zarf intentionally
  6. on purpose
  7. advisedly
  8. studiedly
  9. ex industria
  10. with intent
  11. second degree murder
  12. Sıfat conscious
  13. by design
  14. with malice aforethought
  15. Zarf designedly
murder İsim, Ceza Hukuku
murder Fiil, Ceza Hukuku
felonious homicide İsim, Hukuk
voluntary manslaughter İsim, Hukuk
intentional manslaughter İsim, Hukuk
vexatious delay
forest arson İsim, Hukuk
premeditated murder İsim, Hukuk
to wrest Fiil
animo et acto
murder in the second degree
murder in the second degree
trumped up charge
wilful mischief
intentional injury İsim, Hukuk
malicious injury İsim, Hukuk
wilful interference with the safety of others
to disguise one's handwriting Fiil
wilful provocation of public disorder
material misrepresentation Sigorta
wilful obstruction of traffic

Türkçe Sözlük (Kubbealtı Lugatı)

  1. Bilerek, isteyerek, bile bile