1. certain
  2. current
  3. safe
  4. straight
  5. firm
  6. solid
  7. genuine
  8. stable
  9. honest
  10. secure
  11. confidential
  12. authentic
  13. Adjective authoritative
  14. sure
  15. good
  16. staunch
  17. tried
  18. trustworthy
  19. infallible
  20. unfailing
  21. accredited
  22. all right
  23. upstanding
  24. faithful
  25. odds-on
  26. calculable
  27. foolproof
  28. copper bottomed
  29. worthy of credence
  30. Adjective trusty
  31. fiduciary
  32. dinkum
  33. trig
  34. on the level
  35. on the square
  36. thick and thin
  37. dependable
  38. reliable
  39. trustable
  40. dangerless
  41. credent
to consider someone trustworthy to the extent of
man of confidence
reliable man
confidential creditor
creditor confidence
reliable bank
inside information
straight tip
in informed quarters Noun
firmly Adverb
reliably Adverb
responsibly Adverb
to put in a safe place Verb
true sign
safe statesman
tried friend
reliable firm
reliable guarantee
trustworthy guarantee
safe undertaking
authenticated advice
reliable news Noun
reliable reports Noun
able worker
good authority
trustworthy source
reliable authority
reliable source
informed sources
from a well informed source
from a reliable source
on good authority
to have it from a reliable source Verb
confidential person
reliable article
reliable material
customer confidence
credibility Noun
safe Politics-Intl. Relations
hard figures Noun
confidential person
confidently Adverb
safe driver
trustworthy result
reliable estimate
safe estimate
trusworthy witness
unimpeachable witness
trustworthy witness
reliable witness
reliable security
trustworthy gurantee
trustworthy guarantee
reliable data
investor confidence
to be of safe discretion Verb
to have something from a reliable source Verb
blue chip company
confidential person
to be sound on national defence Verb
to pass for a person of absolute reliability Verb
to pass for a man of absolute reliability Verb
to be as good as one's word Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Güvenilen, kendisine ... edilen, mûtemet