1. traffic
  2. pass
  3. Noun, Information Technology migration
  4. crossing
  5. passing
  6. transit
  7. thoroughfare
  8. Noun, Physics conduction
  9. change over
  10. film advance
  11. film travel
  12. Noun transition
  13. leading line
  14. transit flight
  15. passage
diversification into other energy sources
successor to an office
innocent passage (law of nations)
arrival in power
controlled crossing
controlled crossing
controlled transit Noun
removes to convertibility
overland transit
transition from school or training to work (Kaynak: CEDEFOP) Noun, Education-Training
succession to the throne
transit pass
switching analysis Noun, Competition Law
transit bill
transitional form (Kaynak: Evrim Çalışkanları) Noun, Biology
transit entry
twilight area
period of transition Noun
transition period Noun
transitional period Noun
to be in a state of transition Verb
way- leave
right of way
right of passage
priority Noun, Land Transport
(Fr.) laissez passer
switching cost Noun, Competition Law
transition metal Noun, Chemistry
crossing point Noun
toll rate
to pay the toll Verb
transitional ad Noun, Advertising
transition period Noun
period of transition Noun
transition process Noun
process of transition Noun
Toggle keys Noun, Information Technology
hot key Information Technology
priority Noun, Land Transport
right of way boundry crossing
to change over Verb
to move over Verb
to change Verb
cross over
crossing point
no passage
clearance time
to undergo a transition Verb
to change over to something Verb
clearance certificate
customs pass
toll charges
toll charges
to have the right of way Verb
priority passage
post-war transitional period
postwar transitional period
boundary crossing
right to pass through
right to pass
privilege of transit Transport
transit charges Noun
pedestrian-crossing regulations Noun
Electronic Toll Collection System (ETC)

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Geçmek işi, mürur