1. Adjective political
  2. politic
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Noun, International Law
political assemblage
political independence
political affiliations Noun
to show political levelheadedness Verb
political scientist
political sciences Noun
political education
to study politics Verb
political scientific
political integration
political circles Noun
diplomatic advisor adviser
diplomatic adviser
commentary on the political situation
political survey
political sovereignty
political colour
political ecology Noun, Anthropology
political economy
identity of political opinions
political undercurrent
political view
lack of political vision
to set forth one's political views Verb
big stick
to enjoy political trust Verb
enjoyment of political rights
to establish diplomatic relations Verb
diplomatic rupture
policy guidelines Noun
political contribution
political upheaval
to reap political gains Verb
to politicize Verb
political assembly Noun
political machine
political party
political party system
fusion of political parties
fusion of political parties
diplomatic asylum
to ask for political asylum
to grant asylum Verb
sanctuary of political refugees
political system
political slogan
political connections Noun
ban on political meetings
the system
commentator on politics
to be sensitive to political disturbances Verb
to be of the same political stripe Verb
to belong to different political camps Verb
to use the press as a vehicle for one's political opinions Verb
to maintain diplomatic relations with a country Verb
cleavage in a party
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Protocol
political friction between two countries
civil rights Noun
to improve one's stock at home Verb
foreign relations committee
Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences Noun

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Siyâsetle ilgili, siyâsî