1. : mukayese ediniz.
  2. benzetmek, benzerliğini belirtmek.
    Your beauty and hers cannot compare.
  3. Gramer artıklık derecelerini söylemek.
    “ compare the adjective nice.” “Nice, nicer, nicest.”
  4. (bkz: comparison ).
  1. Fiil karşılaştırmak. To check two items, such as words, files, or numeric values, so as to determine whether
    they are the same or different. In a program, the outcome of a compare operation often determines which of two or more actions is taken next.
  2. Özel Isim Karşılaştır. A feature in the Clock app that allows the user to input any time and see it converted to
    the equivalent time in another time zone.