1. Sıfat missing
  2. Sıfat lacking
  3. Sıfat deficient
  4. Sıfat meager
  5. Sıfat meagre
  6. Sıfat wanting
  7. Sıfat incomplete
  8. Sıfat inadequate
  9. Sıfat insufficient
  10. Sıfat short
  11. Sıfat sketchy
  12. Sıfat scanty
  13. Sıfat absent
  14. Sıfat partial
  15. Sıfat fragmentary
underinsure İsim, Sigorta
inventory shortage
... is missing from ...
there is one plate missing
(col) he's not quite all there
deficiency in weight
short supply
irregular document
underreported Sıfat
underreport Fiil
incomplete information İsim
insufficient information İsim
missing information İsim
imperfect information İsim, Ekonomi
inadequate information İsim
to supply a missing word Fiil
inadequately Zarf
imperfect obligation
to short change Fiil
shoestring budget
missing goods İsim
to be deficient Fiil
under valued currency
short entry
entering short
to enter short Fiil
to always to have Fiil
to never to omit Fiil
irregular document
inadequate price
to suck Fiil
to be insufficient Fiil
to be short of Fiil
to fall short Fiil
short shipped
imperfect right
inchoate right
slight care
incomplete signature
underemployment İsim, İstihdam
missing items İsim
shortcoming goods İsim
missing amount
short amount
missing link
to lack Fiil
to miss Fiil
postage underpaid
short measure
underpaid postage
postage due
penalty postage
insufficiently stamped
fragmentary report
imperfect us
imperfect competition
incomplete competition
imperfect market
sanitary deficiencies
under insurance
underinsurance İsim, Sigorta
(print) missing word
incomplete stock
imcomplete stock
under assessment
(bill of exchange) incomplete date
false weight
shortage in weight
short weight
to give short weight Fiil
to give short weight Fiil
deficient delivery
short- landed
short shipment
bad delivery
short delivery İsim
deficient delivery
inadequate information
inchoate instrument
incomplete contract
to under weight Fiil
to order the missing volumes of a periodical Fiil
missing pages of a book İsim
wanting pages of a book İsim
to have a screw lose Fiil
to have a tile loose Fiil
to be a little wrong in the upper story Fiil
He's not playing with a full deck.
to make up the missing number of a publication Fiil
to lack something Fiil
to be a few votes short of majority Fiil
to be a few votes short of majority
to stock accumulation Fiil
to use one's best endeavours Fiil
how many are missing
to be understaffed Fiil
link in a chain of evidence
to be deficient in weight Fiil
to lack no clients Fiil
neither more nor less Zarf
to be $ 10 short Fiil
to be short changed Fiil
to be short-staffed Fiil
to be short of staff Fiil
to keep down an inventory Fiil
to be wrong in the garret Fiil
to have got a kink in the brain Fiil
to fall short of weight Fiil
to fall short of weight Fiil
to be deficient in weight Fiil
to understate one's losses Fiil

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