1. İsim (özel) haber, mesaj.
    Leave a message for someone: birisi için özel haber bırakmak.
  2. İsim bildiri, duyuru, (resmî) tebliğ, hitap, hitabe.
    The President's message to Congress.
  3. İsim esin, ilham, vahiy, Peygamberin halka duyurusu.
    the message of a Prophet.
  4. İsim (bilişim) ileti: haber birimini oluşturan bir veya birkaç sözcük.
  5. İsim öz, ruh, ana fikir, bir kitabın/temsilin vb. telkin etmek istediği fikir, düşünce, kıssadan hisse.
    message of this book.
  6. İsim habercinin görevi.
    His message completed, he went on his way.
  1. İsim ileti. A message that is sent over a communications network such as a local area network or the Internet.
  2. İsim ileti. An electronic instance of one-to-many schemas. Usually documents are sent between two processes.
  3. İsim ileti. An individual unit of data transported between endpoint locations. A message consists of a document
    plus a header (information about the transfer).
  4. İsim mesaj. In communications, a unit of information transmitted electronically from one device to another.
    A message can contain one or more blocks of text as well as beginning and ending characters, control characters, a software-generated header (destination address, type of message, and other such information), and error-checking or synchronizing information. A message can be routed directly from sender to receiver through a physical link, or it can be passed, either whole or in parts, through a switching system that routes it from one intermediate station to another.
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