1. initiative
  2. Noun priority
  3. preference
  4. ranking
  5. Information Technology precedence
  6. primacy
  7. first
  8. advantage
  9. privilege
  10. anteriority
  11. earliness
  12. get up
  13. preferential terms
  14. prior rank
  15. start
  16. antecedence
priority in the payment of debts
dynamic priority Information Technology
top priority
head-of-the-line priority
top priority
priority area
to rank in priority Verb
dispute about priority
priority table
right of priority
priority right
right of preference
preferential right
(US) preferred creditor
preferred creditor
privileged vessel
to have precedence Verb
to enjoy priority Verb
to be entitled to preference Verb
priority holder
claim entitled to priority
to enjoy preferential treatment Verb
to be given preferential treatment Verb
to yield right of way Verb
to claim priority Verb
loss in priority
priority list
(car) it's his right-of-way
order of preference
sequence of priority
order of precedence
order of priority Noun
(debtors) order of distribution
to come under priority Verb
according to priority
in order of priorities
to distribute according to priority Verb
to have low priority Verb
to have first priority Verb
to have the highest priority Verb
to get top priorities Verb
to of top priority Verb
to put high in one's order of priority Verb
to reorder priorities Verb
to be low on the priorities Verb
priority system
precedence question
priority claim
to give priority Verb
to be given priority Verb
to be given preferential treatment Verb
to enjoy preferential treatment Verb
to establish priority Verb
absolute priority rule
to give place Verb
to give priority to Verb
to give a preference Verb
to grant prior rank Verb
to prioritize Verb
order of distribution
to have precedence Verb
priority documents Noun
to claim priority for an application Verb
to raise something into first priority Verb
to give priority to an order Verb
air priority
absolute priority
special-privilege monopoly
purchase privilege
to prioritize Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Önce olma, ... bulunma, takaddüm