1. Noun importance
  2. moment
  3. matter
  4. value
  5. account
  6. note
  7. importance
  8. consequence
  9. meaning
  10. consideration
  11. mark
  12. Noun priority
  13. emphasis
  14. significance
  15. stress
  16. merit
  17. odds
  18. Noun gravity
  19. urgency
  20. magnitude
  21. Noun severity
  22. prominence
  23. Noun, Law materiality
  24. heft
  25. weightiness
  26. weight
  27. import
  28. concernment
role and importance of ... in ... Noun
import of a statement Noun
gravity of a testimony
weight of evidence
great value
cardinal importance
capital importance
overriding impotence
overriding importance
vital importance
historical significance Noun
commercial prominence
to be of importance to matter Verb
to place value Verb
materiality Noun, Law
to rise Verb
to become important Verb
to increase in importance Verb
severity code Information Technology
to matter Verb
to mean Verb
to not come into it Verb
to make a point of Verb
to place value Verb
to respect Verb
to reck Verb
to put an emphasis Verb
to mind Verb
to take heed Verb
to take in stock Verb
to recognize Verb
to take notice of sth Verb
to make a point of Verb
to look to Verb
to place emphasis Verb
to value Verb
to care Verb
to attach importance to sth Verb
to make little Verb
to override Verb
to sweep aside Verb
to overlook Verb
to think nothing of Verb
to leave in the cold Verb
to hold key for ... Verb
to attach to importance to Verb
to be committed to ... Verb, Management
to attach no importance to Verb
to make much of Verb
to stretch a principle Verb
to give weight to sth Verb
to attach importance to sth Verb
to set little store by Verb
to ignore a complaint Verb
to cut no ice with sb Verb
to care about someone Verb
to look through sb Verb
to mind someone doing something Verb
to care about something Verb
to think nothing of something Verb
to rubbish Verb
to be critically important Verb
of vital importance
to give full weight Verb
to prize Verb
to lay special emphasis on language study Verb
to overrate Verb
to be of the first order of importance Verb
to be critically important Verb
to bear no regard for human life Verb
accident severity Noun
to have an exaggerated sense of one's own importance Verb
to lay stress on foreign languages Verb
resurrection Noun

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Bir şeyin dikkate değer olma, üzerinde ... değerde olma durumu, ehemmiyet