1. Proper Name, Religion-Faith Allah
Allah-ü teala Proper Name, Religion-Faith
Allah resulü Proper Name, Religion-Faith
Allah'ın şeriatı Proper Name, Religion-Faith
fisebilillah Adverb, Religion-Faith
Allah indinde Adverb, Religion-Faith
istiğfar Noun, Religion-Faith
inşallah Adverb
Allah'ın Resulü Proper Name, Religion-Faith
Resulullah Proper Name, Religion-Faith
  1. Proper Name, Religion-Faith Allah
  2. godhead
  3. heaven
  4. God
  5. lord
  6. the Creator
  7. Dominus
  8. the Eternal
  9. maker
  10. the omniscient
Allah's Messenger Proper Name, Religion-Faith
Shari'a of Allah Proper Name, Religion-Faith
God Almighty Proper Name, Religion-Faith
oh my God
by God
in the name of God
my goodness
O God
well now
may God grant your prosperity
for the love of God Adverb
for Heaven's sake
for God's sake
God bless (sb) to you
God damn you
God knows
God is great
what the hell
may God not withhold it from us
God forbid
may God ordain it to be late (when death is mentioned
God forbid
in the sight of Allah Adverb, Religion-Faith
may God find it acceptable (sb's generosity
God damn it
God damn
Damn it!
may God unite you again
God is great
God knows better
God willing Adverb
God forbid
Heaven forbid
Heaven forfend! Exclamation
Heaven forbid! Exclamation
may you live long
may God have mercy on him (for someone dead
May he rest in peace.
May she rest in peace.
Allah's messenger Proper Name, Religion-Faith
for God's sake
God forbid
God bless you
may God protect you
to wish someone godspeed Verb
God bless you for what you have done
may God pardon his faults (said for a dead person
may God protect him from failure
natural endowments
genetic endowment
native gifts
God forbid
I am glad things are going so well with you
may God help you
may God give you abundance (said by guests after a meal)
to thank one's lucky star Verb
god fearing
Good heavens!
Too bad.
Give me a break! Sentence

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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