1. child
  2. infant
  3. doll
  4. babe
  5. dolly
  6. baby
pupil of the eye Noun, Anatomy
pupil Noun, Anatomy
the apple of sb's eye
test-tube baby
test tube baby
preemie Noun, Medicine-Health
dolly bird
little stranger
stroller Noun, Home
push chair Noun, Home
pram Noun, Home
baby stroller Noun, Home
baby carriage Noun, Home
perambulator Noun, Home
babysitter Noun, Child Care
nanny Noun, Child Care
baby nurse Noun, Child Care
baby care Noun, Medicine-Health
infant welfare
to be expecting a baby Verb
to be expecting Verb
to be pregnant Verb
expectant mother
prospective mother
to be delivered of a baby Verb
infant industry Noun, Economics
infant observation Noun, Psychoanalysis
to baby nap Verb
infanticide Noun, Criminal Law
infanticide Noun, Criminal Law
infant formula Noun, Child Care
baby food Noun, Child Care
formula Noun, Child Care
baby formula Noun, Child Care
infant food Noun, Child Care
light cyan Adjective
baby blue Adjective
baby nursery Noun, Home
infanticide Noun, Criminal Law
infanticide Noun, Criminal Law
infant mortality rate
infant mortality
infant death rate
play pen
bootee Noun, Textile Industry
baby pink Adjective
infant industry Noun, Economics
sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) Noun, Medicine-Health
stroller Noun
fertility tourism Noun
as innocent as a new-born child

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

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