bir gün

  1. someday
one fine day
fair day
to grant a (day's) grace Verb
one day before
to have a sum put by to fall back upon Verb
to take a day off Verb
to name a d Verb
to set a day Verb
daylong Adjective
daylong Adjective
diary fever
mushroom fame
to application a day Verb
to appoint a day Verb
to name a day Verb
to agree upon a day Verb
to decide upon a day Verb
I'll take a rain check.
to settle a day for a meeting Verb
to come home on someone some day Verb
to fix a day for the trial Verb
to allow oneself a little dissipation Verb
to have one day out a week Verb
to give the staff a day off Verb
to settle a day for the meeting Verb
to appoint a day to meet again Verb
to have a trying day Verb
a three days'grace (for payment of a bill)
to do something inside of two days Verb
to lay up something for a rainy day Verb
to extend a visit for a few days Verb
to do a good deed everyday Verb