1. Noun, Physics wave
  2. sea
  3. jaw
  4. swell
  5. surge
  6. band
  7. upsurge
  8. billow
  9. undulation
  10. corrugation
  11. absent-mindedness
  12. crimp
  13. hidden catch
  14. love affair
wave of migration Noun
shear wave Noun, Mechanics
shear wave velocity Noun, Mechanics
ultrashort wave
electromagnetic wave Noun, Physics
grey wave
second wave Noun, Medicine
short wave
white-crested wave
modulating wave Noun, Physics
modulated wave Noun, Physics
median waves
medium wave
supersonic wave
long wave
traveling wave Noun, Geology
marine abrasion Noun, Geography
wave length
I'm just teasing you.
take the piss
skylarking Noun
(slang) to let one's attention wander Verb
to gibe Verb
to joke Verb
to fluctuate Verb
wave power Noun, Environment-Ecology
wave-damage insurance Noun
wave- damage insurance Noun
to be carried off one's foot Verb
Are you kidding?
ship a sea
long wave station
to send up someone Verb
to call someone names Verb
to joke about something Verb
trench-type wave barrier Noun, Construction
trough of the sea
Mock me if you will, but ...
short-wave station
short-wave station
short-wave radio Noun
short wave transmitter
short wave broadcast
medium wave station
medium wave station
standard broadcast
radio beam
long wave station

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Deniz, göl vb