1. Adjective admissible
  2. Adjective legitimate
  3. Adjective acceptable
  4. Adjective accepted
  5. Adjective recognized
  6. Adjective recognised
  7. Adjective applicable
lasting for a period of six months
constitute an indenture a valid binding and legal agreement
valid for one year
that goes for me as well
with effect from
accross the board
available for
good and valid
effective in law
good in law
valid in law
legally effective
the agreement stands
valid for three months
valid address
working agreement
authoritative document
authentic document
valid ticket
without a valid reason Adverb
without a valid reason Adverb
to sustain Verb, Law
valid argument
lawful marriage
valid marriage
to sustain Verb, Law
specious argument
existing rights Noun
valid objection
to remain valid Verb
proper evidence
positive proof
valid proof
valid argument
established law
valid resolution
to make valid Verb
to render valid Verb
received version
effective rate
current rate
ruling rate
legal file name Information Technology
valid receipt
valid excuse
good excuse
good cause
valid reason Noun
valid grounds Noun
sound reasons Noun
effective Information Technology
to apply Verb
to be valid Verb
to be lawful money Verb
to stand Verb
to be current Verb
to hold Verb
to take effect Verb
to obtain Verb
to pass for current Verb
to hold true Verb
to hold good Verb
fleet book evidence
(Br) eligible votes Noun
eligible votes Noun
common coin
currency circulation
valid passport
valid patent
reasonable and probable cause
valid reason
active stock
good paper
effective instrument
valid deed
subsisting bill
authentic instrument
valid instrument
good presentment
good presentation
valid contract
valid claim
binding introduction
rates in force
valid offer
valid security
valid delivery
valid test
prevailing rate
established practice
law and arbitration
authoritative construction
authentic interpretation
to hold in all cases Verb
to find (meet with) due protection Verb
ac from the first of april Verb
to establish a disputed will Verb
to settle a document Verb
period of availability of a ticket
to be located in the area in which a law is valid
to be located in the area in which a law is valid
to validate an election Verb
to show due protection to a draft Verb
to validate a claim Verb
to raise valid objections to a scheme Verb
contract good for one year
to apply for something Verb
marketable parcels
calculated at the rate of exchange ruling on ..
world currency
world currency
(US) worldwide insurance
to establish one's rights Verb
to stand Verb
to survive intact Verb
to be still on the books Verb
to application to all cases Verb
who- wide letter of credit
general- purpose rates
to legitimize Verb
good-till-cancelled order
good-until-cancelled order
evidence sufficient in law
legal evidence
legal evidence
valid consideration
to be good in law Verb
to be valid in law Verb
legal publication
to claim under an intestacy Verb
to gain a greater say Verb
to serve as a standard Verb
to exercise one's perfectly valid right Verb
to exercise one's perfectly valid right Verb
proceedings in which a regulation is in issue
to be good for three months Verb
(insurance) (Br) rating area
to revalidate Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

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