omission Noun, Law
  1. Noun operation
  2. Noun procedure
  3. Noun process
  4. Noun act
  5. Noun action
  6. Noun activity
  7. Noun processing
  8. Noun treatment
  9. Noun proceeding
  10. Noun transaction
  11. Noun trading
banking transactions Noun, Civil Law
current accounts deficit Noun, Economics
current deficit Noun, Economics
endoscopy Noun, Medicine
endoscopic procedure Noun, Medicine
general terms and conditions Noun, Contract Law
general terms and conditions Noun, Contract Law
invasive procedure Noun, Medicine
non-invasive procedure Noun, Medicine
frustration of contract Noun, Law
arbitrary action Noun, Politics-Intl. Relations
non-invasive procedure Noun, Medicine
European Convention Relating to the Formalities Required for Patent Applications Noun, International Law
trade-based money laundering Noun, Criminal Law
proceedings Noun, Law
legal action Noun, Law
arithmetic operation Noun, Algebra
arithmetical operation
background processing
data processing
block trade
(Br) transaction for the account
transaction for the account
transaction for the settlement
(Br) transaction for settlement
multiprocessing Information Technology
distributed data processing Information Technology
distributed processing Information Technology
internal transaction
serial processing Information Technology
direct process
dollar exchange
the four arithmetical operations
foreign-currency transaction Noun, Banking
streaming Information Technology
regulatory act Noun, Law
spot transaction
economic process
electronic data processing
electronic data processing (EDP)
manual data processing
industrial data processing
shady transaction
void transaction
colourable transaction
image processing Information Technology
unattended operation Information Technology
dummy (fictitious , proforma) transaction
legal transaction Noun, Civil Law
commission Noun, Law
administrative regulatory act Noun, Law
administrative deed Noun, Law
administrative decision Noun, Law
administrative act Noun, Law
binary operation
first processing
trust Noun, Law
voided transaction
cooperative processing Information Technology
heat treatment
legal proceedings Noun, Law
electronic office
transaction for own account
transaction for one's own account
interrupt- driven processing
chemical treatment Noun, Environment-Ecology
protected transaction
transaction on credit
margin trading Noun, Banking
credit transaction Noun, Banking
corporate action
mechanical data processing
transactions amounting to several million dollars
transactions amounting to several million pounds
fictitious transaction
sham transaction
cash operation
cash operation
preventive treatment
illustrative transaction
automatic data processing
arm's length transaction Noun, Law
bonus transaction
random process
bogus transaction
word processing Information Technology
speculative transaction
spot transaction
suspicious transaction Noun, Banking
unilateral act Noun, Civil Law
itirative process
commercial transaction
commercial bill
transaction of business
business transaction
batch processing Information Technology
integrated data processing
forward transaction
transaction for future delivery
spot transaction
taxable transaction
tax- free transaction
semi-fiscal transaction
legal proceedings
litigation Noun, Law
legal action Noun, Law
local transaction
ultra vires transaction
batch processing
itirative process
transaction banking Noun, Banking
operation decoder
processor unit Information Technology
equality of treatment
audit trail Management
intervention required check Information Technology
issues traded Noun
active stock Noun
to effect transactions Verb
to be traded Verb, Capital Markets
to be quoted Verb
money demand with transaction motive
volume of trading Noun, Capital Markets
trading volume Noun, Capital Markets
transaction volume Noun, Capital Markets
opcode Noun, Information Technology
operation code Noun, Information Technology
transaction cost Noun, Competition Law
transaction number
process automation
transaction risk
to be delisted Verb, Banking
postmortem Information Technology
post-trade services Noun, Banking
transaction date
to transact Verb
no dealings
operation time
to be dealt with after hours Verb
to suspend trading in ... Verb, Banking
central processing unit Information Technology
data processing facilities Noun
data processing center Information Technology
computing service
data-processing manager
IT systems Noun
data processing equipment
trading day
unlimited securities
unlisted securities
publicly-traded company Noun, Management
put and call price
price of put and call
(stock exchange) nothing doing
market turnover per share
to process Verb, Law
machine procedures Noun
process method of cost accounting
central processing unit Noun, Engineering
cash transaction report Noun, Banking
currency transaction report Noun, Banking
option stock Noun
suspicious transaction reporting, suspicious transaction report Noun, Banking
suspicious transaction report Noun, Banking
suspicious activity report (SAR) Noun, Banking
clearing deficit Noun
satellite processor
(US) futures prices
futures fas
securities negotiated for future delivery Noun
forward rate
futures rate Noun
futures market
data processing plan
to process Verb, Law

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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