1. Adjective scarlet
  2. Adjective red
  3. crimson
  4. ruddy
  5. carmine
  6. cochineal
  7. cramoisie
  8. erubescent
dark red Adjective
crimson Adjective
dark pastel red Adjective
pastel red Adjective
rose coloured
red chili pepper Noun, Food-Kitchen
gold fish
Little Red Riding Hood Names
Hoodwinked Proper Name, Cinema
Little Red Riding Hood Proper Name, Language-Literature
red seabass Noun, Zoology
red notice Law
red notice Noun
red sweet pepper Noun, Food-Kitchen
red eye Noun, Photography
welcome mat
gumi Noun, Plant Species
cherry silverberry Noun, Plant Species
goumi Noun, Plant Species
natsugumi Noun, Plant Species
red light Transport
to run a red light Verb, Transport
I got a fine for going through a red light
red card Noun, Sports
to receive a red card Verb, Football
to be red-carded Verb, Football
red-clause credits Noun
laterite Noun, Environment-Ecology
red cabbage Noun, Food-Kitchen
red lentils Noun, Food-Kitchen
corrections in red ink Noun
official passport
red pepper flakes Food-Kitchen
to rubricate Verb
red wine Food-Kitchen
(Fr.) vin rouge
sangria Adjective
red onion Noun, Food-Kitchen
radish Noun, Food-Kitchen
apple-cheeked Adjective
to shoot the traffic lights Verb
to spread out the welcome mat for sb Verb
to specify red tiles for a roof Verb
to send off for a second bookable offence Verb, Football
bookings Noun, Sports
to wave a red flag to stop a train Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Kan rengi, al renk