1. Noun, Aviation wing
  2. flank
  3. airfoil
  4. limb
  5. (fish) fin
  6. (door) leaf
  7. (propeller) vane
  8. (curtain) panel
extreme left wing
military wing Noun, Military
conservative wing
radical right
right wing
left wing , right wing
right flank Noun, Football
cooling fin
left wing , right wing
left wing
left flank Noun, Football
the left wing
to open wings Verb
to spread your wings Verb
to beat wings Verb
to winnow Verb
to clap Verb
wingspread Aviation
winger Noun, Football
to wing Verb
wing loading
to throw out a new wing to a house Verb
to take someone under one's wing Verb
to install a left-wing majority Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Kuşlarda ve böceklerde gövdenin iki yanında ... kapanır bir çift organ
  2. Yer altındaki ... yolu, künk