mail payer
anchor tenant Noun, Management
main tenant
to board with someone Verb
outgoing tenant
evicted tenant
permanent tenant
permanent tenant
principal tenant
master tenant
master lessee
head lessee
principal lessee
outgoing tenant
in- going tenant
weak tenant
life tenant
lease holder
(Fr.) locataire
leaseholder Noun
to take in lodgers Verb
tenant farmer
tenant s'fixtures Noun
tenant's fixtures Noun
address commission
tenant list
the tenant shall take the dwelling as is
tenant's liability insurance Noun
to grant a lease Verb
to be a tenant Verb
to live as a lodger Verb
to board Verb
tenant's risk
to hold on lease Verb
payable by the tenant
holdover tenant Noun, Law
defaulting tenant
transient lodger
share tenant
tenant for life
joint tenant
joint lessee
evicted tenant
sole tenant
incoming tenant
ingoing tenant

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