1. business
  2. career
  3. profession
  4. Noun occupation
  5. trade
  6. craft
  7. line
  8. doctrine
  9. pursuit
  10. faculty
  11. calling
  12. Noun vocation
  13. metier
  14. avocation
  15. racket
  16. line of business
  17. (learned) profession
  18. line of work
  19. game
  20. feat
  21. métier
the military order
military profession
banking profession
banking business
business of banking
consultancy field
consulting field
auditing profession
literary profession
judicial business
nursing profession
legal profession
legal career
Activities of business, employers and professional membership organisations (NACE code: S94.1) Noun, Trades-Professions
sedentary profession
professional organization Noun
professional chamber Noun
profession of accounting
Activities of professional membership organisations (NACE code: S94.1.2) Noun, Trades-Professions
industrial occupation
industrial occupation
harness making
mercantile career
insurance profession
brokerage business
poultry husbandry
commercial line
commercial profession
medical profession
jobber- s trade
specialized vocation
writing profession
management profession
management career
ground floor
principal occupation
profitable trade
profitable profession
previous career
gentle calling
self-employment Noun
professional service
professional occupation
honourable calling
dangerous trade
technical profession
commercial profession
fruitful career
secondary occupation
hard job
professional customs Noun
job title
occupational title
commercial morality
vocational analysis
professional skill
professional society
professional organization
job family
professional body
vocational association
professional union
trade section
trade branch
(US) vocational counsel (ling
vocational counsel (ing)
vocational guidance
career experience
professional experience
professional magazine
people outside the profession
career position
to have a career for oneself Verb
to become Verb
to carve out a career for oneself Verb
to make career for oneself Verb
professional training
professional education
trade training
continuation training
career curve
trade paper
professional earnings
employment income
career development
career costume
professional secrecy
occupational group
professional group
job families Noun
professional pride
vocational disease
occupational illness
trade disease
industrial illness
professional disease
industrial disease
professional malpractice Noun
professional life
professional career
occupational goal
job ranking
career image
career opportunities Noun
occupational statistics
professional reputation
professional woman
career woman
professional earnings
professional jealously
professional jealousy
functional commission
trade control
professional corporation
vocational league
professional organization Noun
professional institution
vocational high-school Noun, Education-Training
court of trades
professional honour
professional organization Noun
professional body Noun
professional association Noun
to learn a trade Verb
training school
professional school
day continuation school
county college
technical high school
career potential Noun
by trade
professional honor Noun
professional employee Noun
job slot
vocational psychology
career guide
occupational risk
professional risks Noun
professional aars Noun
professional licence
professional licence license
occupational census
occupational choice
career choice
vocational choice
vertical union Noun
amalgamated craft union Noun
professional honor Noun
professional insurance Noun
professional examination
category of occupation
occupational category
occupational class
occupational classification
professional secret
professional secrecy
trade secret
occupational standards Noun
occupational description
trade inspection
occupational hazard
vocational test
career pattern
professional clothes
job specialization
occupation tax
career management

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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