1. Noun, Law inheritance
  2. Noun, Civil Law succession
  3. estate
  4. heritage
  5. legacy
  6. descent
  7. deceased's estate
  8. decedent's estate
  9. bequest
  10. heirship
European Convention on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage Noun, International Law
Convention for the Protection of the Architectural Heritage of Europe Noun, International Law
state inheritance Noun, Civil Law
successor Noun, Civil Law
heirdom Noun
several inheritance
lineal succession
expectant estate
expected estate
inheritance consisting of a house
gross estate
intellectual heritage Noun
real estate assets
real-estate inheritance
heir general
lawful issue
intestate succession
estate in abeyance
partial succession
cultural heritage Noun, International Law
(US) movable property
estate in abeyance
absolute legacy
cash legacy
cash legacy
cash legacy
joint heritage
(US) joint heritage
inheritance in abeyance
vacant succession
absolute legacy
intangible cultural heritage Noun, International Law
historical heritage Noun
preference legacy
linear inheritance
testamentary succession
accumulative legacy
heir by customs
creditor of the estate
person of inheritance
to receive a legacy Verb
to inherit Verb
qualified to inherit
entitled to inherit
qualified inherit
qualified to inherit
legacy monger
legacy hunter
expectant state
heir's certificate
deceased person
decedent Noun, Law
testator Noun, Law
to bequeath a legacy Verb
to leave Verb
to portion Verb
ancestral debt
to purchase Verb, Law
hereditary state
article of property Noun
right of inheritance
by right of inheritance
renouncement of a succession
renouncement of succession
inheritance law Noun, Civil Law
prerogative officer
heritability Noun
to reckon on an inheritance Verb
to reckon on an inheritance Verb
ancestral home
ancestral estate
law of succession
inheritance act
law of inheritance
(Br) Inheritance Act
(Br) hereditaments Noun
hereditaments Noun
district valuer
to bequeath Verb
portion of inheritance
hereditary share
to renounce a succession Verb
decree of distribution
scheme of inheritance
(Br) scheme of inheritance
order of succession
portion in an inheritance
borrowing by representative
to come into an heirdom Verb
appraisal for inheritance taxation
appraisal for inheritance taxation purposes
by inheritance
to acrue by way of succession Verb
hereditary proprietor
heritability Noun
heritability Noun
to have expectations (from an aunt) Verb
to hand down Verb
reversion of an inheritance
to inherit an estate Verb
accumulative legacy
to receive something by inheritance Verb
to bequeath something as a preference legacy Verb
to leave a legacy to sb Verb
to vest someone with an inheritance Verb
to put someone in possession of an inheritance Verb
to come into something Verb
to cut up well Verb
to portion to the eldest son Verb
renunciation of an inheritance
primogeniture Noun, Law
statutory order of distribution
statutory forced share
statutory portion
distributive share
hereditary share
(US) statutory portion
to take by descent Verb
to come into something Verb
cultural heritage sites Noun
cultural heritage and tourism Noun, Education-Training
to come into property Verb
entailment Noun, Civil Law
entailment Noun, Civil Law
to bequeath a legacy Verb
disposition by testament
disposition by will
to dispose of by will Verb
Section of World Heritage Sites Noun, Organizations

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