1. price
  2. Noun protection
  3. pie
  4. Noun corruption
  5. bribe
  6. Noun inducement
  7. gravy
  8. bribery
  9. pay-off
  10. sweetener
  11. back hander
  12. backhander
  13. payola
  14. secret commission
  15. boodle
  16. meed
  17. douceur
  18. fix
  19. graft
  20. sop
  21. kickback
  22. manche present
  23. slush money
  24. palm grease
  25. corrupt practices
  26. protection money
  27. slush fault
  28. soap
  29. subornation
bribe-taker Noun
bribery at elections
corporate bribery
bribery revelations Noun
bribee Noun
bribe-taker Noun
corrupt judge
bribed witness
corrupt administration
to take care of sb Verb
to impeach a judge for taking bribes Verb
open to bribery
venal practices Noun
abuse of trust
receiving a bribe
bribe taking
to receive a bribe Verb
to be on the take Verb
to graft Verb
to accept a bribe Verb
corruptible government officials Noun
proof against corruption
he was accessible to bribery
slush fault
bribery fund
to be accused of attempted bribery Verb
to be accused of attempted bribery Verb
to square Verb
corruption charge
money proof
pay policy carrot Noun
bribery scandal
graft scandal
payoff scandal
charge of extortion
to investigate corruption Verb
offering of bribes
bribery and extortion Noun, Law
bribery and corruption
bribery and corruption
bribe-giver Noun
briber Noun
palm greasing
attempted bribery
to schmear Verb
to oil sb's hand Verb
to buy over Verb
to bribe Verb
to subsidize Verb
to practice practise bribery Verb
to throw a sop to cerberus Verb
to buy over Verb
to corrupt Verb
to practise bribery Verb
two- bit politician
corrupt press
venal judge
justice broker
venal politician
two-bit politician
to subsidize the press Verb
to corrupt a judge Verb
to bribe an official Verb
to bribe a witness Verb
to get at a witness Verb
to suborn a witness Verb
to approach someone with a bribe Verb
to tickle sb's palm Verb
to grease sb's palm Verb
to fix sb Verb
to accuse someone of bribery Verb
to square someone to hold his tongue Verb
to grease the right palms Verb
judicial bribery
judicial corruption
bribery of a juror
jury tampering
to fix a jury Verb
bribery of officials
tampering with witnesses
to bribe as witness Verb
Law on Declarations of Property and the Fight Against Bribery and Corruption Proper Name, Law

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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