1. great
  2. straight
  3. constant
  4. Adverb regularly
  5. Adverb constantly
  6. consistent
  7. standing
  8. Adverb steadily
  9. Adverb consistently
  10. Adverb invariably
  11. running
  12. Adverb continually
  13. persistent
  14. Adverb permanently
  15. Adverb continuously
  16. sustained
  17. lasting
  18. Adverb progressively
  19. continual
  20. perpetual
  21. enduring
  22. durable
  23. Adverb faithfully
  24. unbroken
  25. abiding
  26. incessant
  27. everlasting
  28. slow
  29. Adverb perpetually
  30. unending
  31. indelible
  32. Adverb incessantly
  33. ceaseless
  34. unremitting
  35. non-stop
  36. staid
  37. Adverb eternally
  38. unswerving
  39. unceasing
  40. steady
  41. Adverb dully
  42. ever
  43. over
  44. imprescriptible
  45. sedulous
  46. Adjective continuous
  47. permanent
  48. ongoing
  49. chronic
  50. Adverb at any given moment
  51. Adverb at all times
  52. Adverb all the time
  53. pauseless
  54. continuate
thunderous applause Noun
cheers Noun
floating supply
running fire
currently adjusted rate
continuing care Noun, Medicine
moving-band production
enduring peace
lasting peace
continuous feed Information Technology
to have a regular job Verb
consistently Adverb
continuous borrowing
continuous borrower
permanent working capital
constant change
continuous audit
to carry out continuous monitoring
chronic absence
inveterate absence
perpetual motion
continuing education Noun, Education-Training
permanent incapacity
to labor under a constant anxiety Verb
continuous inventory
perpetual inventory system
perpetual inventory system
perpetual inventory method Management
continuous supplies
permanent effect
to reap lasting benefits Verb
to finance permanently Verb
permanent financing
permanent kiln
permanent gas
continuous annuity
permanent income
permanent income hypothesis
to never look back Verb
nonstop performance
(film) continuous performance
to be always on the move Verb
to be permanently resident Verb
progressive advance
permanent impossibility Noun
continuous annuity
regular business
close work
regular employment
progressive operation
permanent employment
continuous employment
flow process
flow (line) production
conveyor-line assembly
to come off the lobs Verb
hard- core worker
sustained unemployment
permanent unemployment
continuous improvement Noun, Management
continuous paper Information Technology
has come to stay
perpetual loan
constant use
continued existence
perennial debates Noun
continuing appropriation
steady readership
persistently Adverb
continually Adverb
consistently Adverb
at all times Adverb
at any given moment Adverb
(Lat.) in perpetuum
ever more
perpetually Adverb
repeatedly Adverb
continuously Adverb
permanently appointed
permanently application
discontinuous Adjective
continuous market
market observation
continuous tone
continuous performance Noun
continuous exhibition
permanent exhibition
perpetual complaint
to whinge Verb
continual complaints Noun
assiduous complaints Noun
constant source of annoyance
grind show
continuous training
permanent nuisance
continued bond
continual claims Noun
to be in need of constant reparations Verb
current realization
to move around Verb
permanent term
permanent appointment
continuous supply
continual claim
strip foundation Noun, Construction
continuing guarantee
to have under constant examination Verb
constant production
to ensure a continuing flow of tax Verb
permanent visa
continual rain
constant rain
perpetually renewable lease
perpetual annuity
to be on a merry go round Verb
permanent load
continuing obligation
protracted loss
continuous possession
permanent change of station
continuous performance
to take much share in a conversation Verb
to be weary of sb's constant grumble Verb
to keep something on Verb
to keep doing something Verb
to keep doing something Verb
solid comfort

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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