1. afterwards
  2. Adverb subsequently
  3. since
  4. benefit of clergy
  5. posteriorly
  6. later on
  7. afterwares
  8. ulteriorly
to claim subsequently Verb
on second thoughts Noun
to return later to a subject Verb
subsequenty-acquired property
to tag on Verb
acquired nationality Noun
to pigeonhole a report for future consideration Verb
après-coup Noun, Psychoanalysis
afterwardness Noun, Psychoanalysis
legitimation by subsequent matrimony
to second guess Verb
to come along Verb
to come to pass Verb
nouveau riche
new man
beggar on horseback
nouveau riche Noun
(Fr.) parvenue
post mortem costs Noun
post-mortem costs Noun
back payment
payable later
payable afterwards
supervening frustration
to give a subsequent order Verb
subsequent assessment
bad debts collected
subsequent delivery
to deliver subsequently Verb
subsequent taxation
subsequent entry
subsequent insurance
subsequent order
subsequent claims Noun
supervening frustration
subsequent events Noun
to draw a veil over what followed Verb
to find something beyond comprehension to reverse a decision after it has been ma Verb
surreptitious passage in a manuscript
to reserve a question for further consideration Verb
to revalue a pension post-retirement in line with prices Verb
subsequent levy of duties
subsequent levy of duties
to subsequent subcription Verb
to return to a point later in one's lecture Verb
convoy joiner
to supply an omission Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Sonra, daha sonra, bilâhare