1. Noun, Place Names Surat
  2. map
  3. pan
  4. mug
  5. puss
  6. mush
  7. mien
  8. sulkiness
  9. clock
  10. visage
  11. snoot
  12. face
  13. face (used deragatorily
Lose the attitude! Exclamation, Idioms
Drop the attitude! Exclamation, Idioms
troubled countenance
moon face
to look annoyed Verb
to put on a sour face Verb
to lour Verb
to pull a long face Verb
to pull a face Verb
to pout Verb
to scowl Verb
to sulk Verb
to frout Verb
facial expression Noun
gurn Verb
to pull a face as long as a fiddle Verb
to have a pretty turn of speed Verb
excessive speed
maximum speed
speed limit
to restrict a road Verb
canoeing Noun, Sports
low speed
economic clause
air speed indicator
permissible speed
cruise speed
cruising speed
average 90 km an hour
circumferential expressway
hypersonic velocity
subsonic speed
supersonic speed
at breakneck speed Adverb
top speed
to be going at top speed Verb
to put on full speed Verb
to go at full speed Verb
to sprint Verb
velocity Noun
rapidity Noun
expedition Noun
speed Noun
gradation of speed Noun
gradations of speed Noun
transmission mechanism
transmission box
express train
vestibule train
speed control
exceeding the speed limit
speedboat Noun
speed skating Noun, Sports
speed record
to exceed the speed limit Verb
speed test Noun
to go ahead at full speed Verb
to run at full speed Verb
full speed ahead Noun
high- speed tire
high-speed train

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Yüz, çehre

Çabukluk, hızlılık, hız