1. preference
  2. predilection
  3. choice
  4. option
  5. preferential terms
tariff preference
brand preference
consumer acceptance
consumer's preference
consumer preference
consumer choice Noun, Competition Law
time preference
preference-similarity hypothesis
favourite brand
to be given preference Verb
discrimination test
to prefer Verb
to like Verb
to favour Verb
to choose Verb
favor (Kaynak: Evrim Çalışkanları) Verb
(Br) preferential right
option Noun
to enjoy no preferences Verb
margin of preference
preference margin
a matter of choice
motive to prefer
order of preference
to prioritize Verb
to choose Verb
fraudulent preference
to undue preference Verb
to choose between A and B Verb
voluntary preference Noun
to prefer one creditor over another Verb
to prefer one creditor over the others Verb
to prefer one creditor over others Verb
to give something preference over another Verb
to choose to do something Verb
to put something before something Verb
to put something above something Verb
most-preferred Adjective
to come to the crossroads Verb
to opt out Verb
to opt in Verb
to prefer private enterprise to government control Verb
shorthand is advantage but not essential

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