1. Noun commitment
  2. promise
  3. undertaking
  4. plight
  5. pledge
  6. word
  7. parole
  8. Noun enticement
gratuitous promise
binding promise
bare promise
vain promise
fictitious promise
virtual promise
mutual promise
vague promise
absolute promise
joint promise
solemn promise
conditional promise
unconditional promise in writing
promised land
to make a promise Verb
to promise Verb
outbidding policy Noun
to promise to come Verb
to advertise a reward Verb
to screw a promise out of sb Verb
to promise someone the moon and stars Verb
to offer a reward for sb's capture Verb
situation full of potentialities
writer of promise
auspicious Adjective
auspicious Adjective
to predict a good harvest Verb
to have fair prospects Verb
profit-sharing incentive
career prospects Noun
career professional career prospects Noun
to promise miracles Verb
to hold out rewards Verb
to pie in the sky Verb
to mark out for a brilliant future Verb
to promise delivery within one week from receiving order Verb
hopefully Adverb
hopefully Adverb
to swear Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Söz verme, ... taahhüt etme