1. Adjective strong
  2. solid
  3. consistent
  4. intense
  5. intensive
  6. extended
  7. dense
  8. Adjective hectic
  9. murky
  10. high-pitched
  11. Adjective bustling
  12. compact
  13. turbid
  14. done
  15. thick
  16. soupy
  17. Adjective immersive
strict security measures Noun
capital intensive
in tabloid form
intensive care Noun, Medicine-Health
intensive care Noun, Medicine
intensive care physician Noun, Medicine
intensive care patient Noun, Medicine
intensive care unit Noun, Medicine-Health
intensive care unit (ICU) Noun, Medicine
intensivist Noun, Employment
intensivist Noun, Medicine
intensive care bed Noun, Medicine
vehemently Adverb
immensely Adverb
acutely Adverb
vehemently Adverb
actively Adverb
keenly Adverb
intensely Adverb
intensively Adverb
cut and dried negotiations Noun
to drive through a misty thickness Verb
carpet bombing
intensive efforts Noun
intense study
concentration Noun
compact disc Information Technology
dense smoke
intensive cultivation of land
intensive economy
active presence Noun
by popular demand Adverb
cram course
cramming course
condensed matter physics Noun, Engineering
intensive interview
dense population
populous Adjective
densely populated
densely populated region
densely populated city
to densely peopled Verb
intensively Adverb
densely Adverb
intensive propaganda
intensive advertising
densely Adverb
high-cost enterprise
peak season
dense fog
high farming
intensive agriculture Noun, Anthropology
intensive methods of agriculture Noun
heavy traffic
peak- hour traffic
viscous Adjective
to lead a strenuous life Verb
to make an intensive study of a subject Verb
to be all go Verb
to have its peak hours in the evening Verb
busy period
off peak- periods Noun
business concentration
to stick it on during the busy season Verb
the large urban concentrations Noun
capital intensive industry
high-cost plant
highly geared industry
highly geared industry
capital intensive technology
high- density area
peak hours of traffic Noun
arteries of traffic Noun
neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) Noun, Medicine-Health

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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