1. round
  2. Adverb quickly
  3. prompt
  4. Adverb instantly
  5. pressing
  6. apt
  7. speedy
  8. sharp
  9. smart
  10. swift
  11. hasty
  12. fleet
  13. speedily
  14. expedient
  15. quick
  16. snell
  17. expedite
  18. snappy
  19. Adjective impetuous
  20. fast
  21. nippy
  22. ready
  23. darting
  24. Adjective expeditious
  25. slippy
  26. fast-track
  27. raking
  28. presto
  29. at a rate of knots
  30. like the clappers
  31. mercurial
  32. soon
  33. like the wind
  34. festinate
  35. mosso
nimble fingered
like a bat out of hell
double quick
dexterous Adjective
as early as possible
at your earliest convenience Adverb
quick as lightning
as quick as lightning
to be quick to take offense Verb
to be quick to have offense Verb
shufti shufty
fine spun
high perishable goods Noun
goods that meet with a ready sale Noun
bona peritura
quick growth
rapid growth
to grow rapidly Verb
mushroom town
briskly Adverb
to pound the books Verb
to gabble over Verb
to splutter Verb
prompt answer
early reply
prompt ap
quick answer
quick returns
rapid sales
early roes
quick sales
quick return
to yield an easy (quick , short) return Verb
to step on it Verb
hail fellow well met
to decline rapidly Verb
brisk decline
hard wearing
to arrive promptly Verb
fast-moving (selling) goods Noun
to nip Verb
to speed Verb
to move quickly Verb
to flit Verb
excitability Noun
quickness of temper
galloping consumption
quick of belief
good dispatcher of business
speedy recovery
quick recovery
to shake a leg (it up) Verb
early returns
prompt decision
quick passage
to be quick of comprehension Verb
to be out for quick killing Verb
to soil easily Verb
hot tempered
to have a short temper Verb
rapid deployment forces Noun
quick tempered
volatility Noun
to have a short fuse Verb
to be quick to learn Verb
make it snappy
make it shappy
be quick
to get moving Verb
to shake the pagoda Verb
to make money hand over fist Verb
runthrough Theatre
ready-reference file
articles of quick sale Noun
article of quick sale
to be quick of sale Verb
ready sale
quick returns
to sell rapidly Verb
fast- food restaurant
to be quick on the draw Verb
good- tempered
promiscuous friendship
to fly abroad Verb
to be soon passed round Verb
bona peritura
quickly spotted
prompt answer
quick answer
infectious Adjective
contagious Adjective
fast food
to run Verb
to decline rapidly Verb
to be quick on the uptake Verb
mushroom growth of a suburb
to overgrow oneself Verb
to know how to take a hint Verb
precipitous Adjective
to spread like a wild fire Verb
swift worker
to do a brisk trade Verb
to make the best of one's way Verb
ready workman
swift worker
quick workman
to hustle Verb
to think on your feet Verb
to be hail- fellow well met with sb Verb
to run through one's work Verb
to be slow of wit Verb
quick of apprehension
to have a quick leaf through Verb
to have short currency Verb
fashion- led
to be easily depressed Verb
quick postwar economic recovery
quick of apprehension

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Hızlı, süratli, serî