1. Noun contribution
  2. relief
  3. grant
  4. gift
  5. subsidy
  6. Noun donation
  7. offering
  8. Noun endowment
  9. Noun gratuity
  10. charitable bequest
  11. charitable gift
  12. bestowal
  13. foundation
  14. charitable contribution
privity in deed
donation in kind
voluntary gift
unasked contribution
discretionary grant
voluntary gift
gratuitous donation
deductible subscription
cash donation
cash donation
private charity
political donation
specific devise
donation inter vivos
donation inter vivos
mandatory grant
instrument of donation
charitable income
to solicit donations Verb
acceptance of a gift
contribution box
by way of donation
conditions of grant Noun
condition of grant Noun
flood of donations
deed of donation
gift deed
deed of gift
to whip round for subscription Verb
settlor Noun
donee country
relief aid
deductible donation costs Noun
deductible donation costs Noun
to accept contributions in any size Verb
deductable donation cost
deductible donation cost
to finance by private subscriptions Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

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