1. Noun fructus industriales
  2. produce
  3. product
  4. increase
  5. growth
  6. result
  7. fruit
  8. yield
  9. bearing
  10. offspring
  11. harvest
  12. crop
  13. spawn
  14. culture
  15. fructus
  16. spoils
  17. outturn
  18. emblements
farm produce
figment Noun
a figment of the imagination
production of the soil
standing grain
standing crop
excess produce
short crop
bumper crop
short crop
poor crop
crop failure
thriving crop
heavy crop
forward crop
poor crop
bad crop
home (inland) produce
produce advance
production of crops
surplus crop
crop shortage
crop insurance Noun
crop forecast
crop yield
to produce Verb
to yield Verb
to crop Verb
to fail Verb
crop growing
crop year
crop damage
to get a big hand Verb
to produce heavy crops Verb
wholesale produce market

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Buğday, arpa, ... meyve vb