1. urge
  2. Noun promotion
  3. incentive
  4. encouraging
  5. hey
  6. blessing
  7. Noun stimulation
  8. provocation
  9. substantiate
  10. Noun inducement
  11. exhortation
  12. inspiring
  13. instigation
  14. prompting
  15. Noun incitement
  16. aid and comfort
  17. send-off
  18. impulsion
  19. abetment
  20. send off
  21. fosterage
  22. spurring someone on
  23. inciting
economic stimulation
solicitation Noun, Law
solicitation of chastity
encouragement of emigration
temptation Noun, Religion-Faith
solicitation to larceny
incitement to revolt
profit-sharing incentive
temptation Noun
moral incentive
solicitation to bribery
inducement to buy
sales promotion
promotion Noun
procuring breach of contract Noun, Law
inducing breach of contract Noun, Law
torturous interferecence with contractual relations Noun, Law
interference with a subsisting contract Noun, Law
incentive to crime
abetment in crime
solicitation Noun, Law
incentive for saving
trade promotion
trade promotion
consumer promotion
induced consumption
output-oriented incentive
incentive to invest
means of stimulus Noun
incentive certificate Noun, Economics
promoting factors Noun
contributor factors Noun
induced investment
stimulation Noun
encouragement Noun
promotion Noun
to give countenance to Verb
to countenance Verb
to challenge Verb
to summon up Verb
to crank up Verb
to spark Verb
to induce Verb
to buck someone up Verb
to incite Verb
to give countdown to Verb
to urge Verb
to instigate Verb
to prompt Verb
to foster Verb
to stimulate Verb
to lend countdown to sb Verb
to second Verb
to cheer Verb
to egg someone on Verb
to spur Verb
to move Verb
to abet Verb
to support Verb
to provoke Verb
to promote Verb
to tempt Verb
to exhort Verb
to lead on Verb
to embolden Verb
to encourage Verb
to spur on Verb
to require pressing Verb
incentive rebate
preliminary pay
incentive bonus
management cash-incentive scheme
incentive premium
incentive plan
bonus scheme
incentive measures Noun
stimulating measures Noun
incentive economic measures Noun
stimulatory measures Noun
to foster the growth of heavy industries Verb
to incite to a immorality piece of immorality Noun
to encourage an enterprise Verb
to promote a scheme Verb
to prompt someone to do something Verb
to move someone to do something Verb
to incite someone to work Verb
to stimulate someone to a greater efforts Verb
to stimulate someone to greater efforts Verb
to encourage someone in his studies Verb
to induce someone to change his mind Verb
to admonish someone to speak the truth Verb
to incite someone to a crime Verb
to instigate someone to a crime Verb
to make someone tick Verb
to suborn someone to commit perjury Verb
work incentive program (me)
work incentive program (me
to promote economic expansion Verb
to put someone on his mettle Verb
to stir up the people to revolt Verb
to stir up a people to rebellion Verb
export drive Noun
export promotion committee
to revolutionize Verb
to promote progress Verb
to urge the workmen Verb
to urge the workmen on Verb
to incite workmen against their masters Verb
(Br) to incite workmen against their masters Verb
to institute a mutiny Verb
to encourage imports Verb
entry-inducing return Noun, Competition Law
entry-inducing return Noun, Competition Law
(Br) intermediate area
intermediate area
to stimulate industry Verb
sales promotion-budget
sales promotion budget
promotional support
(US) promotional support
promotional idea
sales promotion campaign Noun
(US) sales-promotion campaign Noun
(US) sales kit
sales promotion aid
sales promotion manager
merchandising director
sales promoter
sales promoters
merchandising plan
sales promotion-technique
(US) sales-promotion technique
sales promotion techniques Noun
to promote the sales Verb
fund for the encouragement of social assistance and solidarity
to abet Verb
plan to encourage thrift
to foster a monopoly Verb
impulse to trade
to stimulate production Verb
to encourage production Verb
fiscal stimulus package
productivity incentive system
law on encouraging foreign investments
to stimulate investment activity Verb
investment incentive
to foster home industries Verb
executive incentive plan
to promote high standards Verb
to promote high standards Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

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