1. idea
  2. thought
  3. opinion
  4. İsim assessment
  5. İsim consideration
  6. mind
  7. worry
  8. İsim observation
  9. İsim notion
  10. İsim reflection
  11. İsim conception
  12. İsim proposition
  13. regard
  14. İsim sentiment
  15. commentary
  16. counsel
  17. conceit
  18. proselyte
  19. thinking
  20. estimate n
  21. sentiments
  22. attitude
  23. pensée
  24. intellection
Atatürkist Thought Association İsim, Kurum İsimleri
scientific thought
contemplation İsim
closed mindedness
critical remark
physiocratic thought
common opinion
misconception İsim
opposite opinion
just opinion
straight thinking
bias (s) ed opinion
personal opinion
misconception İsim
creative thought
creative thinking İsim, Eğitim
widely-held opinion İsim
widely held opinion
men of thought İsim
thought transference
to opine Fiil
depth of thought
language of thought İsim, Felsefe
reflective Sıfat
flaw in reasoning İsim
liberty of thought
want of thought
fallacy İsim
thought reader
latitude of thought
line of thought
train of thought
process of thought
way of thinking
to proceed with an argument Fiil
freedom of thought and faith
mentality İsim
mentally Zarf
halting argument
to reinforce an argument Fiil
to hazard a remark Fiil
to overstrain an argument Fiil
to buy sb's lob of thinking Fiil
to follow sb's line of argument
to follow sb's argument
to editorialize Fiil
stringent argument
sound argument
to put the boot into sb Fiil
to make irrelevant remarks Fiil

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